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LIGHT TOWER © Deborah Lefkowitz 2007

Photos: Robert Wedemeyer
Animation: Deborah Lefkowitz

Artwork commissioned by the Cultural Affairs Department of the City of Los Angeles through the Percent-for-Art Program.

Light Tower

Visual artist and filmmaker Deborah Lefkowitz created this permanent kinetic light installation for the stairway windows of Fire Station 62 using fiber optic technology, computer-programmed lighting control, and sculpted aluminum screening. The artwork is a composition in time with subtly changing light intensities and colors that do not repeat in exactly the same patterns.

"Light Tower" functions as a beacon, drawing attention to the ongoing presence of the fire station and its role within the community. Sited at the corner of a busy Los Angeles intersection, the artwork is visible to pedestrians and vehicular traffic, as well as to fire personnel inside the building.

For further information, contact:
Deborah Lefkowitz
Tel. and Fax (951) 682-0444